Our mission at Pilgrim Towers is to provide affordable, independent living for the low-income elderly. In doing so, we create a sense of community among our residents through a nurturing and active environment. By implementing a variety of socialization programs, Pilgrim Towers enhances its residents' quality of life. Residents have the ability to live independently within a larger community.

As a faith-based community, Pilgrim Towers is connected to a network of caring individuals and houses of worship that focus on quality care for the community. We are dedicated to creating a comfortable, caring, and enjoyable atmosphere. Our Board of Directors are committed to bettering the lives of Pilgrim Towers' residents through monthly meetings, and organization of volunteer efforts.  Board members come from a variety of backgrounds and each offers different experiences and knowledge that benefit the Pilgrim Towers community. The independent Board of Directors is the final management voice in all operating and financial decisions. Members are selected for their unique management skills and a personal interest in continuing the original commitment to quality, affordable, senior housing.

Pilgrim Towers enhances our residents' independence by providing them with many services and programs within the comfort of their homes and the building’s common areas. Neighbors are friendly, staff is accommodating, and the building is truly home.

Pilgrim Towers celebrates over 30 years of commitment to delivering excellence in a senior housing option. Since its beginning, its goals have remined the same:

- To offer a private, secure, comfortable apartment that seniors with limited income can afford
- To maintain the personal dignity and independence of its residents
-To provide opportunities for making new friends and building lasting companionships
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